Barbecues Making It Online

It’s so great to see the art of barbecue has made its way onto the internet. There are now lots and lots of websites and videos such as this one on YouTube showing what great food looks like.

Check this video below for some ideas for some great looking burgers…

I’ve not tried them but I’ve got to admit they’ve done a fine job with those burgers.

You really cannot beat the smoky taste that the smoke and wood gives to your food. And those Barbecue Pit Boys know how to cook up some mean food in their yard.

The internet has made lots of things possible and I think the spreading of these recipes and videos are inspiring people to this way of cooking. I see smoke shacks and barbecue joints popping up in all kinds of places now including the places I’d least expect.


And people are visiting them from places you wouldn’t expect. While there’s nothing better than sorting out your own food and making it yourself, sometimes it’s nice to just sit back with a nice beer and let someone else do the work while you just worry about eating it.

I believe that food remains a family institution (at least in my household) and it’s good to do things like in the good old days and sit down, say a prayer and have a meal together with some good food and drink. Everyone loves a BBQ so you won’t have too many people moaning when you schedule a meal.

And don’t forget that all important sauce can heighten the impact of the meal, give you a flaming tongue or smoke up your meat flavours even more.

BBQ Meat

People have different favourites of course. Some people love them some mean ribs. Others can’t get enough of burnt ends. For many a good and fine Porterhouse steak will do them just fine. To be honest there’s nothing wrong with having them all! There’s no moderation at barbecue time got to have it all.

I’ve seen the appetites of people multiply at BBQ time. Maybe at other times they aren’t telling the truth when they say they’re full. When the food’s real good they’ll keep on eating.

So be prepared and have lots of napkins ready because you’re gonna need more than usual. All that flavour for your face has to go somewhere so let the napkins soak it up.

Here’s another good one from the BBQ Pit Boys…

That meat certainly looks moist. As for the crackling I like it really crispy, crispy enough to hear the cracks do their business and crack loud raucous noises. But the meat can be tender as long as it’s got plenty of flavour and you can savour every bite you take.

A barbecue can also be a good way to teach your young ‘uns about cooking in a fun way. I think it’s much more involved than just frying a few bits and bobs in a pan. So pick them up from basketball or the dance studio where they go and restore their energy with some good hearty food.

Food always tastes better after exercising when you’re really hungry. That’s when you’ll need those extra hands to cook up all that extra food that’ll be consumed. They probably won’t be concentrating on their dancing when they know there’s a barbecue happening afterwards. I guess you’ll have to lecture them on the importance of concentration beforehand!

Even a bit of exercising can make you hungry so if their practice sessions are an hour or more you can bet they’ll be starving come the end. Get them grilling a few bits of corn to begin with and they’ll get the hang of it.

Corn on bbq

It’s a healthy and tasty treat that’ll give them something to eat quickly before the meats are ready. Then you can give them a real lesson on how to barbecue food.

Soon they’ll be making your future dinners for you so make sure you train them up properly and don’t miss a trick. Give them every trick in the book for turning out an appetizing meal that you’ll be eager to eat.

Of course the best way to teach is by example – if you make an awesome meal or try something different that they love then they’ll want to know how you get it tasting so good.

Curiosity is often the best teacher and children are naturally curious which is one of their foremost qualities. It can be irksome when you’re busy and they’re not really welcome but this is a time when they should be learning and being curious.

As long as it’s not about touching the fires or anything else of danger, then let them be as curious as they want about the food! That’ll also get them sampling the variety of dishes that you can push out of a barbecue.

Good food will always bring people together and encourage memories for you to share.

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